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Standard Features:

Optional Features:


ATC uses a global standard of 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) to alter the volume of fuel dispensed. When below 15 degrees Celsius the amount of fuel reduced; when above, the volume is increased. Necessary for those selling motor fuels in cooler climates.

The purpose of ATC is to counteract the ambient temperature fluctuations that have historically caused inventory dilemmas for everyone in the petroleum business.

The dispensing of fuel with ATC changes the way petroleum is sold, to roughly equate sales by mass. The net result on a gasoline retailer is pure profit protection. For any petroleum retailer in an area where the average daily temperature is lower than 15 deg. C (60 deg. F), ATC will assure a higher margin and a higher profit.
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Large Backlit Displays:
Both Sterling and Bravo dispensers use one inch Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) with backlighting. LCD is the state of the art for use in outdoor electronic applications. The technology is best suited for accommodating temperature fluctuations, humid conditions, and the effect of direct sunlight.

We have coupled the dependability and longevity of LCD technology with the most reliable method of backlighting available. Backlighting is achieved with fluorescent illumination which bathes the translucent LCDs with a consistent cool blue light. This combination will provide the service station owner with the most user friendly format of display available. Even in dark surroundings, the display will be prominent and easy to read.

backlit LCD display
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Electronic Calibration:
This feature allows for quick, easy, and accurate calibration without time-consuming meter alterations. Electronic calibration can be performed more quickly than mechanical calibration because it eliminates trial and error methods necessary when using the calibration wheel on the meter itself. When a discrepancy is found, the percentage of the discrepancy is inputted into the electronic head and the brain uses this percentage as the correction factor and the new calibration is complete.

This procedure also reduces maintenance costs for the life of the pump.
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Heavy Duty Hydraulics:

Sterling - retail   Bravo - commercial
PM-2 Meter   L.C. M-7 Meter


  • 4 piston positive displacement meter
  • Aluminum body construction
  • Self-purging bottom discharge outlet
  • 4:1 Gallon or 4:1 Litre output shaft
  • 1000 pulse per gallon or 100 pulse per litre pulser
  • External calibration wheel
  • Calibration resolution: 25cc / 19 litres
  • Calibration range: 700 cc / 19 litres
  • Flow rate: 2.5 to 24.9 GPM (9.5 to 95 LPM)
  • Accuracy: 0.17 % of delivered volume
  • Max. working pressure: 50 psi
  • Nitrile bound cork gaskets
  • Stainless steel piston sleeves















  • Positive displacement rotary abutment
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Capacity: 380 LPM / 100GPM
  • Pressure rating, w/ air elim. 150 psi (non-shock)
  • Pressure rating, w/o air elim. 300 psi
  • Repeatability: 0.05% of reading over entire range
  • Temperature range -40 °C/°F to +71°C / +160°F
  • Viscosity: up to 500 cps at rated capacity, up to 325,000 cps at reduced flow rate
  • Connections: 1½" or 2" NPT, BSP, or slip weld companion flanges, 1½, optional




High Capacity Pumping Unit
  • Cast iron body construction
  • Built-in air eliminator (vent to atmosphere)
  • Built-in strainer
  • Fluid dam to provide constant prime
  • Minimum flow rate: 15 GPM (57 LPM)* (at 22 psi outlet pressure)
  • Maximum flow rate: 25 GPM (95 LPM)*
  • Minimum drive motor ½ HP
  • Input shaft speed (apron) 900 RPM, ¾"
  • Pumping unit weight: 75 lbs (35kg)
  • Inlet connection: 1½" NPT
  • Outlet connection: face seal (contact factory)

* Flow rate is directly related to the system hydraulic resistance and input shaft speed.

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Heavy Duty Body Construction:

  • 12 & 14 ga steel - all frame
  • 16 & 18 ga steel - all doors, trim- motor
  • Zinc coated - all metal
  • Finish - Polyester powder epoxy ( oven cured at 400 °F)

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Dollar Presets:
Dollar presets are a necessity on full serve gas stations. Dollar presets allow the attendant to serve more than one customer at once.

By using the preset keypad the attendant can greet the customer, begin dispensing, and go to the next customer without the risk of an over run on the first customer. The preset pad is configured with the following increments; $5, $10, $15, $20, & FILL

Dollar presets are standard on STERLING & BRAVO fuel dispensers.
dollar presets - vertical keypad dollar presets - horizontal keypad Horizontal and vertical keypad presets.
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Self Serve Compatibility:
STERLING works with the following self serve consoles:

  • Bullock Technologies (Toronto)
  • Wiz-Tec (Calgary)
  • Fabe J. H. (Quebec)
  • Radiant Technologies (U.S.A.)

STERLING communicates with the "Progressive International" interface box which works with a wide variety of self serve consoles. Consult factory or your self serve console provider for complete compatibility specifications.
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High Hose Frame:
"High Hose Frame" refers to the high reach frame with canopy shown in the picture below. In a very short time, "high hose" has gone from a rarity to being the standard for the modern gas station. High hose provides a more modern and consumer friendly appearance.

As a general rule, the high hose frame looks best on a site with a canopy. Sites without a canopy actually look better with dispensers with standard frames.

high hose frame dispenser Triple-pump dispenser with a high hose frame.
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Card Reader:
Currently we can communicate with the Wayne card reader which can accommodate Bullock Technologies. Card readers are compatible with most technologies.

card reader display Card reader display head on a dispenser.
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Custom Colours:
The standard colour for STERLING powder coated frame components is black, but we can accommodate any custom colour request to suit your station image. Pure white is available in the ultra durable epoxy powder coat that we feature.

For other colours, if you can provide the paint manufacturers name and colour identification number, we can incorporate it as an overcoat; with all the durability and good looks of the powder coat.

custom-coloured dispenser Check our Gallery for more examples.
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