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Deer Dispensing manufactures suction pumps and dispensers predominantly for the petroleum market. With two distinct products - STERLING and BRAVO - Deer is able to expertly serve the needs of all our clients.

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STERLING is the retail petroleum product line available in all configurations, including single, blender, and more.  With the combination of flexible yet simple electronics, world class hydraulics, and a "bulletproof" frame.

STERLING is also available in commercial speed; delivering 90 litres per minute with the same electronics, frame, and vital hydraulic components as the retail version.  The commercial setting gives STERLING a whole new dimension.

Bravo logo

BRAVO high speed or superfueler is unmatched in the industry.  With flow rates of 200 litres per minute, delivered by a "Blackmer" pumping unit, and displaying an "L.C."** meter, BRAVO performs at high levels.

As the proud owners of an ingenious design conceived in 1980, Deer offers a dispenser which includes electronics with complete flexibility.  The electronic computer can be configured for ATC, input voltage (120/220 V), both North American and International frequencies (50/60 Hz), pulser ratio, one/two tier pricing, pump/dispenser, and full serve/self serve config., all on the same electronic head.

There are currently about 1000 dispensers in the field.  Well over 95% of all the units manufactured are still in the field and working.  With 15 distributors across Canada, Deer is proud to support all of these customers with parts sales and technical support.


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