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Sterling: Dispenser Selection Guide


Sterling retail gasoline dispenser   Retail (up to 55 lpm):


STERLING is the retail petroleum product line available in all configurations, including single, blender, and more.  With the combination of flexible yet simple electronics, world class hydraulics, and a "bulletproof" frame.

STERLING is also available in commercial speed; delivering 90 litres per minute with the same electronics, frame, and vital hydraulic components as the retail version.  The commercial setting gives STERLING a whole new dimension.


          High Capacity
  Models 90 LPM
Description   Suction   Dispenser   Suction   Dispenser
1 product on 1 side only (1 hose on 1 side only)
  S-11S   S-11R   SC-11S   SC-11R
Dual 1
1 product on both sides (1 hose on each side)
  S-12S   S-12R   SC-12S   SC-12R
Twin 2
2 products, 1 on each side (1 hose on each side)
  S-22S   S-22R   SC-22S   SC-22R
3 products in/3 products out (3 products out on both sides, 1 hose on each side)
  N/A   S-32R   N/A   SC-32R
Quad 2
2 products on both sides (1 hose on each side)
  SQ-22S   SQ-22R        
Quad 4
2 products on both sides (2 hoses on each side, 4 hoses simultaneously)
  SQ-24S   SQ-24R        
2 products in/3 out (1 hose on each side, 3 products on each side)
  SV-32S   SV-32R        
High Hose Configuration
(add "H" to part# above for high hose)
H --------- (for example: S-11SH)


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